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2012 Online Article for "Plein Air Magazine" on Sharon Weilbaecher as Faculty, Field Instructor for 1st Annual Plein Air Convention and Expo, Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada
2011 “A Century of Medical Illustration, Catalog, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland 
2010 The Best of Watercolor 2010, “14 Artists show what they can do”, special edition from last 6 years of Watercolor Magazine, An American Artist publication.  Sharon Weilbaecher’s work is profiled in a twelve page article by M. Stephen Doherty, “Telling Personal Stories that Touch Viewers”, pages 94 - 106.
2008 Watercolor Magazine, Spring 2008
A twelve page article profiling Sharon Weilbaecher’s work appears in the Spring 2008 Watercolor Magazine, a publication of American Artist, in an article by M. Stephen Doherty, editor in Chief and Publisher, entitled, "Telling Personal Stories That Touch Viewers", pages 106-117. 
2003 Gulf Coast Arts and Review , May/June, 2003.
2000 American Artist, "Realism Today" special issue, October 2000, Finalists in National Competition. Page 46.
2000 Gulf Coast Arts and Review, Nov/Dec 2000
1998 American Artist Magazine, “On Tour in Normandy” by M. Stephen Doherty.  American Artist and Forbes Inc. Invited 21 artists to Chateau de Balleroy in Normandy for 11 days to paint.  Weilbaecher one of the 21 artists.  Pages 17-32 and 48-49. 
1998 Easy Solutions: Color Mixing Watercolor, by M. Stephen Doherty, Rockport Publishers, May 1998.  One of 12 featured artists, 16 reproductions of paintings, pages 10, 101, 220-117, 141.  Chapter "Floating Colors onto Damp Papers" profiles Weilbaecher technique.
1997 The Best of Watercolor 2, page 93, "Thelma and Lace" by Sharon Weilbaecher, Rockport Publishers, 1997.
1997 Best of Watercolor Series, Painting Light and Shadow, Rockport Publishers, "Straw Hat", by Sharon Weilbaecher, 1997.
1996 A Portfolio of Sketches: Fourth and Final exhibit of works of Arkansas Artists presented by Senator and Mrs. David Pryor", by Sharon N. Weilbaecher; William Jefferson Clinton, Senator Dale Bumpers, Arkansas Artists, November 1996.
1995 Watercolor/Winter, American Artist Publication, "Using an Airbrush to Paint Creatively", by Sharon Weilbaecher, Winter 1995.
1989 American Artist, cover painting by Sharon Weilbaecher, feature article, "Ten Artists Respond to a Southern Plantation", by Stephen Doherty, January 1989.
1989 The Arrow of Pi Beta Phi, feature article, "Artist Earns Critical Acclaim", Summer, 1989.
1987 American Artist, Golden Anniversary National Art Competition, Winners of Golden Anniversary National Art Competition, "The Watercolor Page", by Sharon Weilbaecher, June 1987.
1987 New Orleans Magazine, feature article, "Sharon Weilbaecher: Portraits of Amazing Grace", by John Kemp, June 1987.
1984 Les Beaux Arts Magazine, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1984.
1984 Portfolio of Sketches by Sharon Weilbaecher; Sketches made during Study Tour of Health Care in China sponsored by the American Medical Student Association, 1984.
1978 Facets Magazine, feature article, "The Fine Art of Medical Illustration", by Dolly-DeanMartinez, Winter 1978.
1973 Tulane Medicine Magazine, cover illustration, 1973
American Artist "Sharon Weilbaecher's Ruffled Feathers". 
A video demonstration of Sharon Weilbaecher's "Ruffled Feathers" as seen in the Spring 2008 issue of Watercolor Magazine (7:38). Click to view the video at American
1998  "Remembering Balleroy" by Neal Williams, documentary of 22 artists invited by Forbes, Inc., and American Artist for 9 days in September of 1998 to paint at the Forbes owned 17th century Chateau de Balleroy in Normandy.

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